Clown Anemonefish Incredible Creatures Figure Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd


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The Clown Anemonefish Incredible Creatures Figure by Safari Ltd is an incredibly detailed and life-like representation of one of the ocean's most recognizable and beloved creatures. Made from high-quality, phthalate-free materials, this figure provides a safe and durable option for children and collectors alike.

Featuring realistic markings and colors, this Clown Anemonefish figure captures the striking and playful nature of this fascinating animal. The hand-painted, glossy finish adds an extra level of depth and texture that brings the figure to life. Measuring at approximately 4 inches long and 2 inches tall, this figure is the perfect size for display or play.

Not only is this figure aesthetically pleasing, it is also highly educational. The Clown Anemonefish is a well-known example of symbiosis in the natural world, forming a mutualistic relationship with its host anemone. This figure can serve as a teaching aid for children and adults alike to learn more about this unique and important ecological phenomenon.

In addition, this figure is part of Safari Ltd's Incredible Creatures collection, which features a wide range of highly detailed and scientifically accurate figures. Collectors can add the Clown Anemonefish to their collection and display it alongside other marine life figures, or as a stand-alone piece.

Overall, the Clown Anemonefish Incredible Creatures Figure by Safari Ltd is a spectacular representation of this iconic ocean-dwelling animal. It offers a safe, durable, and educational option for children and collectors alike, while also serving as a beautiful piece of art.

Recommended Age: 3+

Dimensions:   4.01" x 1.56" x 2.34"