Corolle Alyzee Bath Baby 12 Inch Super Soft Doll



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The Corolle Alyzee Bath Baby 12 Inch Super Soft Doll is the perfect companion for bath time play and beyond. This 12-inch doll is specially designed for water play, making it an ideal choice for splashing fun during baths. Alyzee features a super soft vinyl body that's gentle to the touch, and her beautiful brown eyes close when she's laid down, adding a realistic touch to imaginative play. Dressed in an adorable beach-themed outfit, she's ready to make a splash in the tub and provide endless companionship to children during bath time and playtime.

Alyzee's water-friendly design ensures she can join kids during their bath adventures, making bath time an enjoyable and imaginative experience. Beyond the bath, this super soft doll is the perfect playmate for kids, providing comfort and endless opportunities for nurturing and imaginative play. Whether your little one is splashing in the tub or creating delightful adventures on dry land, the Corolle Alyzee Bath Baby will be a cherished companion throughout their day.