Corolle Girls Luna Pajamas Party Doll Set



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The Corolle Girls Luna Pajamas Party Doll Set is a delightful ensemble that encourages imaginative play and nurturing. Luna, the 14-inch soft-bodied doll, is perfect for cuddles and playtime, featuring a charming face with engaging blue eyes and a huggable body. The set includes a cute pair of pajamas with a cute sleeping bag, transforming bedtime into a playful adventure with Luna as the star.

This doll set is an ideal companion for imaginative role-playing, allowing kids to engage in bedtime routines, sing lullabies, and enhance their storytelling abilities. Luna's soft and inviting design offers comfort, making her an excellent bedtime buddy for little ones. With Luna and her pajama set, children can enjoy hours of creative play, making bedtime routines enjoyable and assisting them in developing valuable social and imaginative skills. The Corolle Girls Luna Pajamas Party Doll Set is a charming addition to any child's doll collection and encourages imaginative play, storytelling, and nurturing.