Corolle Marguerite Magical Evening 12 Inch Doll



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The Corolle Marguerite Magical Evening 12 Inch Doll is a whimsical and enchanting addition to the world of dolls. This 12-inch doll is dressed in a captivating evening gown with beautiful details, including a shimmering bodice and a delicate tulle skirt adorned with sparkling dots. Marguerite is the perfect companion for imaginative play and is designed to inspire storytelling and creativity. With her elegant outfit and charming expression, she's ready to join children on magical adventures, and her high-quality construction ensures that she will be a cherished friend for years to come. Whether it's tea parties, make-believe balls, or simply providing a sense of wonder in a child's room, Marguerite brings an element of fairy-tale magic to playtime.

The Corolle Marguerite Magical Evening 12 Inch Doll is more than just a toy; she's an invitation to the world of fantasy and creativity. With her exquisite evening attire and sweet face, Marguerite encourages children to dream, tell stories, and embark on adventures in a world of make-believe. Whether she's joining in imaginative play, serving as a beautiful decor piece, or being cherished as a timeless keepsake, this doll is destined to become a beloved companion for those who appreciate the charm of magical evenings and the limitless possibilities of childhood play.