Cowboy Bebop Space Serenade The Board Game

Gale Force Nine


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This is the Cowboy Bebop Space Serenade The Board Game that is produced by the neat folks over at Japanime Games. 

Humanity has spread across the Solar system and governments must rely on bounty hunters to enforce a semblance of law in the vastness of space. Play as one of the infamous crew of the spaceship Bepop and hunt criminals in this action-packed and jazzy deck-building game. 

A great competitive game!

Game Play is around 30-60 minutes.

Contents: 5 40mm miniatures, 1 Rulebook, 6 Game Boards, 4 Player Boards, 184 Cards, 7 Fuel markers, 30 Capture tokens, 1 Criminal stand.

Recommended Age: 13+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed