Crayola 10 Count Dry Erase Slim Markers



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The Crayola 10 Count Dry Erase Slim Markers are a set of dry erase markers produced by Crayola. Here are some key features of these markers:

  1. Quantity: The set includes 10 markers, providing a range of colors for various writing and drawing purposes.

  2. Slim Design: These markers have a slim design, which makes them comfortable to hold and provides precise control while writing or drawing.

  3. Dry Erase Ink: The markers use a special ink formula that is easily erasable from whiteboards, glass, and other non-porous surfaces. This allows you to write, draw, and erase without leaving behind any residue or staining.

  4. Vibrant Colors: The markers offer a variety of vibrant colors, allowing you to create colorful and eye-catching designs or messages.

  5. Low Odor: The markers are designed to have a low odor, making them more pleasant to use in various settings such as classrooms, offices, or at home.

  6. Cap with Built-in Eraser: Each marker is equipped with a cap that has a built-in eraser. This convenient feature allows you to quickly correct or erase mistakes without the need for a separate eraser.