Crayola Disney Frozen Color Wonder Foldalope Set



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The Crayola Disney Frozen Color Wonder Foldalope Set is a set of markers specifically designed for drawing, coloring, and various artistic projects. Here are the key features of this set:

  1. Quantity: The set includes 5 markers, offering a basic range of colors for coloring and drawing activities.

  2. Fine Line Tip: The markers are equipped with a fine line tip, which allows for precise and detailed drawing or coloring. The fine tip is ideal for outlining, filling in small areas, and creating intricate designs.

  3. Vibrant Colors: The set offers a selection of vibrant colors that can be used to bring artwork to life and create visually appealing designs.

  4. Non-Toxic: Crayola markers are typically made with non-toxic materials, making them safe for children to use. However, adult supervision is always recommended, especially for younger children.

  5. Durable and Long-Lasting: Crayola markers are designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they can withstand regular use without quickly drying out or losing their color intensity.

  6. Versatile Use: These markers can be used on various surfaces such as paper, cardboard, and more, making them suitable for a wide range of art projects.