Crayola Washable Kids Paint 6 Paint 1 Brush Set With Glitter Mix



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Introducing the Crayola Washable Kids Paint 6 Paint 1 Brush Set With Glitter Mix, a magical and mess-free way for young artists to express their creativity and add a touch of sparkle to their artwork! This set combines the joy of painting with the convenience of easy cleanup, making it perfect for children and parents alike.

With six vibrant and washable paint colors, this set offers a spectrum of hues to inspire your child's imagination. From bold primary colors to soothing pastels, these paints allow young artists to explore their artistic potential and create colorful masterpieces. The addition of glitter mix adds a dazzling shimmer to their creations, adding an extra touch of magic.

Crayola Washable Kids Paint is specially formulated to be easily washable from skin, clothing, and surfaces, providing parents with peace of mind. Gone are the days of worrying about paint stains or extensive cleanup. With a little soap and water, the paint effortlessly washes away, leaving no trace behind.

All Crayola Art Materials are Non-Toxic

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New