Crayola Watercolored Pencils 12 Count Set



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Introducing the Crayola Watercolored Pencils 12 Count Set, a unique and versatile tool that combines the precision of colored pencils with the beauty and blending capabilities of watercolors. This set allows young artists to explore the world of watercolor painting with ease and creativity.

With twelve rich and vibrant colors, this set offers a spectrum of hues to inspire your child's artistic expression. From deep blues and lush greens to warm yellows and vibrant reds, these watercolored pencils provide a wide range of colors to bring their artwork to life. The pencils can be used dry for traditional coloring or transformed into stunning watercolor effects with a touch of water.

Crayola Watercolored Pencils are designed with a soft and smooth texture that allows for easy color laydown. The high-quality pigments provide rich, bold colors that blend effortlessly when water is applied. Your child can achieve various effects, from soft washes and delicate gradients to bold and vibrant strokes, all with the convenience of a pencil.

To unleash the full potential of these pencils, simply dip a brush into water and apply it to the colored areas. The water activates the watercolor properties of the pencils, allowing the colors to blend and flow together beautifully. Your child can experiment with different brush techniques, layering colors, and creating stunning watercolor effects that add depth and dimension to their artwork.

All Crayola Art Materials are Non-Toxic

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New