Desert Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd


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This is a set of Desert Themed Miniature Figures. Produced by the nice folks over at Safari, the Desert Miniature Figures set comes with 11 figures and is hand painted. Safari is best known for making highly detailed and good quality figures that are related to the natural world. 

The Desert Miniatures Set comes with a handy storage tube. The figures included are: Horned Lizard, Road Runner, Scorpion, Rattle Snake, Coyote, Big Horn Ram, Bobcat, Armadillo, Mountain Lion and Prairie Dog.

Very cool. Great for display, educational and imaginative play. Good price too. 

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions:  2.03" x 2.03" x 12.87" (Packaged) X 1 Desert Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd

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