Dice Forge The Board Game



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This is Dice Forge The Board Game produced by the good folks over at Asmodee. 

In Dice Forge, each hero receives two dice with removable faces that they can modify and upgrade over the course of the game. Through this customization process, heroes channel the random power of dice to take control of their fate!

With each roll, heroes collect resources and open up a host of possibilities. They become more powerful by purchasing new faces to upgrade their dice. To win additional rewards and glory, they must also face ordeals devised by the gods. 

Includes 1 Temple Board, 1 Island Board, 96 Cards, 1 Round Tracker, 8 Dice and 108 Dice Faces, 4 Hero Inventories, 4 Hero Pawns, 20 Resource Markers, 4 Chest Tiles, 20 Tokens, 1 First Player Token, 1 Hero Aid Rulebook

Players: 2-4

Play Time: 45 minutes

Recommended Age: 10+

Condition: Brand New