Disney Big Hero 6 POP GoGo Tomago Vinyl Figure




This is a GoGo Tomago POP Vinyl figure that is produced by Funko. GoGo Tomago looks great in Funko POP Vinyl form. Very cool. 

Disney's recent animated film Big Hero 6 has debuted to critical acclaim. The fans are enjoying the film. It's action packed and the characters are memorable. It's great to see that Big Hero 6, which was originally a Marvel property, has found a great launching pad at Disney. The animation looks great, and from what we've heard of the film, there's quite a few laughs. 

This is the Funko POP Vinyl of GoGo Tomago. GoGo Tomago is one tough girl, that likes to go fast! She's a major character in Big Hero 6, so you can safely expect that her POP Vinyl will be popular. 

Recommended Age: 5+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 3.75" X 1 Disney Big Hero 6 POP Go Go Tomago Vinyl Figure

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