Dominate Puzzle Game



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Dominate Puzzle Game

One player rolls both dice. The numbered die indicates the start point for this round, and the die with symbols indicates the finish point or 'goal'. As soon as the dice are rolled, play begins. At once, players race to connect their start point to the goal by sliding their path tiles to form a continuous path. Path tiles may not be picked up, they may only be slid.

Once a player finishes the path, he or she grabs the goal tile from the center of the board and keeps it until the end of the game. Then it's time for the next round. Players do not move or re-shuffle their tiles in-between rounds. Take turns rolling the dice to begin each round. If you roll a goal that has already been taken, re-roll the symbol die until it shows a goal that's still on the board.

The first player to get 4 goal tiles wins the game. If there is a tie of 3 each, an extra round is played. The goal tiles are reset and the dice are rolled. The winner of this 7th round wins the game.