Elder Dice Brand Of Cthulhu Drowned Green 9 Polyhedral Dice Set

Infinite Black


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The Elder Dice Brand of Cthulhu Drowned Green 9 Polyhedral Dice Set invites adventurers to delve into the depths of cosmic horror and eldritch mysteries. Crafted for those drawn to Lovecraftian tales, these dice embody the sinister essence of the ancient and enigmatic Cthulhu mythos. Each polyhedral die, imbued with intricate engravings and an ominous drowned green hue, exudes an eerie energy that echoes the whispers of the abyss. From the d4 to the d20, this set beckons players to immerse themselves in the chilling narratives of eldritch lore, prepared to face the unfathomable horrors lurking within the murky depths.

Meticulously designed and evocatively themed, the Brand of Cthulhu Drowned Green dice set transcends its role as a gaming accessory; it's a gateway to realms fraught with cosmic terror and unspeakable secrets. Whether confronting ancient cults, invoking forbidden rites, or navigating eldritch realms, these dice infuse each roll with a haunting presence, making them an essential companion for tabletop enthusiasts seeking to explore the dark and enigmatic depths of the Cthulhu mythos.