Enesco Disney Traditions Lion King Pride Rock Figurine 6014329



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The Enesco Disney Traditions Lion King Pride Rock Figurine 6014329 is a captivating collectible that captures the majesty of Pride Rock from Disney's beloved animated film, The Lion King. Here are some bullet points highlighting its features:

  • Officially licensed Disney collectible figurine crafted by Enesco, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Depicts the iconic Pride Rock scene from The Lion King, with Simba being presented by Rafiki in a proud and majestic pose.
  • Intricately sculpted design, featuring intricate details of the rock formation and the characters' expressions, capturing the essence of the film's iconic moment.
  • Hand-painted with vibrant colors and subtle shading, bringing the scene to life and evoking the magic of The Lion King.
  • Part of the Disney Traditions collection by Jim Shore, known for blending traditional American folk art motifs with beloved Disney characters.
  • Sturdy and durable resin construction, ensuring the figurine's longevity and making it a standout piece in any Disney collection or home decor.
  • Perfect gift for fans of The Lion King, Disney enthusiasts, or collectors, commemorating the timeless legacy of this beloved animated classic.