Epoch Super Mario Rally Tennis Game



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The Epoch Super Mario Rally Tennis Game is an engaging tabletop game that brings the excitement of Mario and his friends to a tennis-themed playset. Designed for entertainment and competitive fun, this game typically includes:

  1. Mario-Themed Tennis Court: The game often features a miniature tennis court setting adorned with Mario-themed elements like iconic symbols, characters, or landmarks from the Super Mario universe.

  2. Playable Characters: It includes small figurines or tokens representing popular characters from the Super Mario series, such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, or others. Each character might have unique abilities or characteristics in the game.

  3. Gameplay Accessories: The set might include rackets, tennis balls, or other accessories necessary for gameplay. These elements enhance the interactive experience and add to the realism of playing a tennis match.

  4. Game Mechanics: Players usually take turns flicking or moving the characters to simulate tennis gameplay. The rules might involve flicking the character tokens to hit a ball or aiming to score points by strategizing and using the characters' unique abilities.

  5. Instruction Manual: A detailed instruction manual or guide is typically included to explain the game rules, setup, and different gameplay variations.

      A great casual game!

      Recommended Age: 5+

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