Exotic Birds Bulk Bag Mini Figures Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd


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This is the Exotic Birds Bulk Bag of miniature figures that's produced by Safari Ltd. The miniature exotic bird figures are hand painted and nicely detailed. Safari definitely does a good job in the realm of animal figures.  

In the Exotic Birds Bulk Bag Set you can expect to see a Snowy Owl, a Green Parrot, a White Ibis, a Flamingo, a Cockatoo, a Scarlet ibis, a Keel-Billed Toucan, a Hummingbird, a Macaw, a Yellow Macaw, a Quetzal, and a Parakeet.

The Bulk Bag contains 48 figures of the various birds listed above. Each bird figure is roughly 1 to 3 inches in tall. 

It's quite the lineup of exotic birds. It's a great set for a bird enthusiast, a child's growing imagination, or decorating a cake or project for school.

Recommended Age: 5+

Condition: Brand New