FanHunter Urban Warfare The Board Game

Devir Americas



This is FanHunter Urban Warfare The Board Game made by the good people over at Devir Americas.

Includes 35 miniatures, 35 color rings, 10 dice, 40 item cards, 15 Psy cards, 19 troop and hero cards, 4 reversible board pieces, 10 fanhunter counters, 10 resistance counters, 10 wound markers, 10 stun markers, 12 flame counters, 3 psy counters, 2 objective counters, 5 exploration counters, 10 alert markers, 10 prone position counters, 20 scenery tiles, and rulebook with an 8 scenario campaign.

This is a competitive game in which 2 players go head to head. The Fans who fight against the evil regime of sloth and the Fanhunters who subject the people to martial law.

Game Time: 45 minutes

Players: 2

Recommended Age: 14+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed