Farm Fun Pack Mini Good Luck Figures Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd


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Farm animals are a staple of childhood playtime. Whether it's horses or cows, kids love animals! Farm animals represent animals that kids can usually see up close on a regular basis. This set of farm animals is made by Safar Ltd., and it is part of a line of animal figures called Good Luck Figures.

The farm animals pack of figures are mini figures and each is about half and inch tall. The farm animals that are include are a Bantam Hen, an Ewe, a Jersey Cow, a Rooster, a Clydesdale, a Holstein Cow, a Rabbit, and a Sow.

If you have a child that loves animals, this is a great set of farm themed animals. It's good for play and for decorating a cake or project.

Recommended Age: 5+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions:  4.68" x 3.71" x 0.39" (packaged) X 1 Farm Fun Pack Mini Good Luck Figures Safari Ltd