Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Color Changers Batman And Harley Quinn Figure Set

Fisher Price


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Experience the excitement of Gotham City with the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Color Changers Batman and Harley Quinn Figure Set. This thrilling set invites young heroes to step into the world of DC Comics and engage in epic battles alongside Batman and the unpredictable Harley Quinn. What makes this set truly unique is the color-changing feature of the figures. Dip Batman into warm water, and watch as his blue suit transforms into gray, signaling his readiness for action. On the other hand, immerse Harley Quinn in warm water, and witness her vibrant costume change from red and black to a playful red and blue. This interactive element not only adds an element of surprise and fun but also fosters creative storytelling and allows kids to explore the magic of color science.

The set includes additional accessories such as Batman's Batarang and Harley Quinn's oversized mallet, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play and exciting battles. With their durable construction and the dynamic color-changing feature, these figures are perfect for young superhero enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether your child is a fan of Batman or simply enjoys action figures with a twist, the Imaginext DC Super Friends Color Changers Batman and Harley Quinn Figure Set offers hours of entertainment and a unique way to engage with the world of superheroes and supervillains. It's a fantastic addition to any playtime adventure and encourages kids to create their own epic tales of heroism and villainy.