Flying Squirrel Incredible Creatures Figure Safari Ltd

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The Flying Squirrel is an amazing creature. While traditional in its squirrel habits and diet, the Flying Squirrel is capable of gliding through the air from tree to tree. There have been recorded Flying Squirrel flights of 290 feet or so. That's pretty impressive. Also, it has been shown that Flying Squirrels can achieve actual lift during these long flights.

How does the Flying Squirrel do this? The Flying Squirrel uses their extra skin to act as a parachute when its stretched taut. With special cartilage and bones in their arms and hands, The Flying Squirrel is able to steer their flight. It really is something to see. 

This is a Flying Squirrel figure that is made by Safari Ltd. It's one of their larger figures, measuring about six inches tall and five inches wide. It's well made and the detail is typically good, to the Safari Ltd. standard.

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions:  5.19" x 6.32" x 5.19" X 1 Flying Squirrel Incredible Creatures Figure Safari Ltd