Folkmanis Timber Wolf 14 Inch Plush Puppet



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Folkmanis Timber Wolf 14 Inch Plush Puppet
  • Lifelike Puppet: A 14-inch plush puppet designed to resemble a timber wolf, featuring detailed craftsmanship for a realistic appearance.
  • Hand Puppet: Designed to be operated by hand, allowing for movement and manipulation of the puppet's head, mouth, and possibly limbs for expressive gestures and storytelling.
  • Quality Materials: Made from soft, durable fabrics, this plush puppet is both cuddly and durable, ideal for interactive play or performance.
  • Interactive Experience: Encourages imaginative play, storytelling, role-playing, and interactive learning experiences, fostering creativity and communication skills in children.
  • Realistic Features: Crafted with attention to detail, including realistic facial features, expressive eyes, and possibly movable mouth or limbs for added realism and engagement.

This will make a great gift to any fan!

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 14" X 1 Folkmanis Timber Wolf 14 Inch Plush Puppet