Forbidden Island The Game



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Forbidden Island is a thrilling, cooperative board game where players take on the role of adventurers, working together to collect treasures on a mystical island before it sinks into the sea. This award-winning game is perfect for families or groups of friends who love strategy, teamwork, and challenging gameplay.

The gameboard offers a beautiful and immersive island setting, complete with stunning artwork and detailed terrain tiles that players navigate to explore different parts of the island, including the temple of the island's deity. Each player is assigned a unique role, with special abilities that help the team achieve success. The roles include the Diver, the Navigator, the Engineer, and many more.

Players must work together throughout each turn to strategize how they will explore the island, collect treasures, and avoid the rising waters. The waters continue to rise each turn, making the game more challenging as time goes on. If the island is not explored and the treasures are not collected within the time limit, the adventurers will lose the game.

The game is easy to set up and provides hours of fun replayability, with slightly different gameplay each time. It is perfect for groups of two to four players and also has a beginner's mode that can accommodate younger players or those new to cooperative games.

Forbidden Island is a fun game that challenges players to work together in a high-stakes situation. It is perfect for players who love strategy, problem-solving, and adventure. Experience the thrill of the Forbidden Island today!

Recommended Age: 10+