Fun In Motion Shashibo Artist Series Chaos Puzzle

Fun In Motion


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The Fun In Motion Shashibo Artist Series Chaos Puzzle is an intriguing and visually captivating puzzle toy designed by a renowned artist, featuring dynamic and chaotic artwork. Here's what you can expect from this unique puzzle:

  • Shashibo Design: The Shashibo puzzle is a shape-shifting magnetic puzzle box that can transform into over 70 different shapes. With 36 magnetic blocks, it offers endless possibilities for rearrangement and creative exploration.

  • Artist Series - Chaos: This puzzle is part of the Artist Series, showcasing artwork inspired by chaos theory and the beauty found within complexity. Each side of the puzzle features intricate and dynamic designs that evoke a sense of movement, energy, and unpredictability.

  • Interactive and Engaging: Whether you're twisting, turning, or shaping the cube, the Shashibo Chaos Puzzle provides hours of interactive fun. Its tactile and stimulating design encourages creativity, problem-solving skills, and imaginative play.

  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted from durable materials and equipped with strong magnets, the Shashibo puzzle is built to withstand extensive use. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can be reshaped and transformed repeatedly without losing its shape or integrity.

  • Educational Value: Beyond its entertainment value, the Shashibo Chaos Puzzle offers educational benefits. It promotes spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, and cognitive development, making it a valuable tool for learning and exploration.