Funko DC Batman Bitty POP Single Blind Bag Figure



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Enter the world of DC Comics and discover your favorite characters in a fun and collectible way with the Funko DC Batman Bitty POP Single Blind Bag Figure. These blind bags contain miniature versions of beloved DC superheroes and villains, making each bag a delightful surprise. Standing at approximately over 1 inches tall, these figures capture the essence of iconic characters like Batman, Bat Family, Bat Villians, The Joker, and many more in a compact and charming form. With the element of surprise, you never know which character you'll get, adding an exciting layer to your collection.

Each Bitty POP figure comes in a windowed display box, allowing you to showcase your miniature DC heroes and villains while keeping them protected. Collect them all and create your own miniature Bat Universe. These figures are perfect for adding a touch of DC Comics charm to your desk, shelf, or as part of your daily carry to show off your love for the world of superheroes and supervillains. Whether you're a dedicated fan of DC Comics or simply appreciate cute and collectible figures, the Bitty POP Single Blind Bag Figures are a delightful addition to your collection and a thrilling way to celebrate the rich DC Universe.