Funko DC Heroes Special POP Composite Superman Vinyl Figure



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  • Presenting the Funko DC Heroes Special POP Composite Superman Vinyl Figure, a thrilling addition to any superhero collection.
  • This unique figure features the Composite Superman, a fascinating character amalgamating Superman and Batman.
  • With its detailed design and vibrant colors, this POP vinyl captures the essence of this iconic DC character.
  • Perfect for fans of both Superman and Batman, offering a fresh perspective on their legendary alliance.
  • Composite Superman is showcased in a dynamic pose, ready to showcase his combined powers and protect Gotham City and Metropolis.
  • A standout piece for display shelves, desks, or any space dedicated to showcasing your favorite superheroes.
  • Add an exciting twist to your Funko collection with this special edition vinyl figure, showcasing the creativity and diversity of the DC Universe.
  • Ideal for gifting to friends, family, or fellow comic book aficionados, bringing a touch of superhero magic into their lives.

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