Funko Demon Slayer POP Rui Pin



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Introducing the Funko Demon Slayer POP Rui Pin, a captivating tribute to one of the most enigmatic and menacing characters from the Demon Slayer series. This finely crafted enamel pin captures the essence of Rui, the Spider Demon, with his hauntingly eerie design and deadly threads at the ready. Fans of the anime and manga will appreciate the exquisite attention to detail, from Rui's eerie eyes to his signature threads that convey the sinister aura of this formidable demon.

Measuring approximately 4 inches in height, this pin is the perfect accessory for enthusiasts of Demon Slayer. Whether you choose to adorn your jacket, backpack, or pin board, this pin allows you to proudly display your admiration for the series and its memorable villains. The high-quality enamel and impeccable craftsmanship make the Funko Demon Slayer POP Rui Pin an excellent addition to your collection of anime-inspired accessories. Whether you're an avid follower of the series or simply appreciate the artistry of its character designs, this pin serves as a stylish and collectible way to showcase your love for the world of Demon Slayer and its captivating array of demons and demon slayers. It's also a fantastic gift for fellow fans who share your fascination with the characters and dark fantasy themes of the series.

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