Funko Disney Ultimate Princess S3 POP Mulan Vinyl Figure



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The Funko Disney Ultimate Princess S3 POP Mulan Vinyl Figure is a collectible toy based on the character Mulan from Disney's animated film "Mulan." Here's a brief product description:

  • Design: This vinyl figure features a stylized and cute design of Mulan, one of Disney's beloved princesses. She is depicted in a charming and recognizable pose, with attention to the character's key details.

  • Collectible: As part of the Funko POP series, this Mulan figure is highly collectible among Disney and Funko enthusiasts. It can be a valuable addition to a collection of Disney merchandise or Funko POP figures.

  • Size: The figure typically stands at around 3.75 inches tall (approximately 9.5 cm), which is a common size for Funko POP figures, making it displayable and easy to store.

  • Material: It is made of vinyl, known for its durability and vibrant colors, ensuring the figure retains its visual appeal over time.

  • Packaging: The figure typically comes in a window display box, allowing collectors to view the figure without opening the packaging.

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