Funko Loki Season 2 POP Loki Vinyl Figure



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Funko Loki Season 2 POP Loki Vinyl Figure
Slip through time with Pop!
  • Character: Loki from the Loki series
  • Design: Styled in Funko's classic POP design, possibly with a new costume or pose reflecting the character's appearance in Season 2
  • Height: The standard Funko POP size, approximately 3.75 to 4 inches tall
  • Material: Made of vinyl, typical of Funko POP figures
  • Detailing: Vibrant colors and attention to detail capturing Loki's look and personality
  • Packaging: Usually presented in a windowed display box with artwork related to the character or the series
  • Collectible: Appealing to fans of the Loki series and Funko POP collectors alike

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