Funko Marvel EE Exclusive POP Spinneret Vinyl Figure



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The Funko Marvel EE Exclusive POP Spinneret Vinyl Figure captures the essence of Mary Jane Watson's alter ego, Spinneret, in the iconic Funko POP style. Designed exclusively for Entertainment Earth, this collectible brings the beloved Marvel character to life, depicting Mary Jane as Spinneret in a sleek, dynamic pose. With its attention to detail and vibrant colors, this figure is a must-have for fans of both Marvel comics and Funko POP vinyls, offering a unique and limited-edition addition to any collection.

This exclusive collaboration between Entertainment Earth and Funko introduces an exciting rendition of the Spinneret character, blending the superhero world of Marvel with the distinctive Funko POP aesthetic. Packaged in a window display box for safekeeping or showcasing, this figure stands as a coveted piece for collectors and enthusiasts, showcasing the creative fusion of two iconic franchises. With its exclusive availability, it's a standout item that brings a piece of the Marvel Universe into the Funko POP collection in a truly special way.

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