Funko Movies Wonka POP Slugworth Vinyl Figure



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Funko Movies Wonka POP Noodle Vinyl Figure

You’re in for a real treat! Build your chocolate empire by welcoming Pop! 

  • Character: Slugworth from the "Wonka" movies
  • Design: Crafted in Funko's iconic POP style, potentially featuring Slugworth in a distinctive pose or outfit inspired by the character's appearance in the "Wonka" movies
  • Height: Standard Funko POP size, typically around 3.75 to 4 inches tall
  • Material: Made of durable vinyl, consistent with Funko's POP figure line
  • Detailing: Vibrant colors and intricate details capturing Slugworth's appearance and personality from the movies
  • Packaging: Presented in a windowed display box with themed artwork related to the "Wonka" movies or Slugworth
  • Collectible: Likely to be sought after by fans of the "Wonka" movies and collectors of Funko POP figures due to its association with the films' narrative and characters.

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