Funko NBA Legends S5 All Star POP Wilt Chamberlain Vinyl Figure



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  • Dominant Center Design: Wilt Chamberlain is brought to life with Funko's signature POP design, featuring impressive details and a captivating aesthetic that pays homage to the legendary NBA All-Star's dominance on the court.
  • Collectible: Elevate your NBA Legends POP collection with the inclusion of Wilt Chamberlain. Display him proudly alongside other basketball greats for a complete and visually striking set.
  • Durable Vinyl Construction: Crafted from high-quality vinyl material, this figure is designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring durability for collectors and fans alike.
  • Perfect for Basketball Enthusiasts: Whether you're a dedicated fan of Wilt Chamberlain or appreciate basketball legends, the Wilt Chamberlain POP figure is a must-have for your collection.
  • Compact and Displayable: With its towering yet compact size, this figure is ideal for showcasing on shelves, desks, or within display cases, allowing you to celebrate the dominance and impact of Wilt Chamberlain in a space-efficient manner.