Funko Star Wars Bitty POP Single Blind Bag Figure



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The Funko Star Wars Bitty POP Single Blind Bag Figure is a delightful surprise for fans of the Star Wars franchise. Each blind bag contains one miniature Funko POP! figure featuring an iconic character from the Star Wars universe. The figures stand at approximately 3/4 inches tall and are designed with the signature Funko POP! style, featuring oversized heads and adorable details that capture the essence of the characters. The blind bag element adds an element of excitement as you won't know which character you'll get until you open it, making it a fun and collectible experience for Star Wars enthusiasts. With a wide range of characters to discover, from classic favorites like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, these Bitty POP! figures are perfect for displaying on your desk, shelf, or even adding to your keychain as a mini companion to accompany you on your Star Wars adventures.

These blind bag figures offer a unique and affordable way to start or expand your Star Wars Funko POP! collection. They make great gifts for fans of all ages, whether they're new to the Star Wars galaxy or lifelong enthusiasts. The surprise element of not knowing which character you'll receive adds an element of fun to the collecting experience, and the compact size of the figures makes them versatile for display or on-the-go play. Whether you're a Jedi, Sith, or somewhere in between, the Funko Star Wars Bitty POP Single Blind Bag Figure is a fun and charming way to celebrate the iconic characters of the Star Wars universe.

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