Funko Stranger Things S4-2 POP Henry 001 Vinyl Figure



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Step into the mysterious world of Hawkins, Indiana, with the Funko Stranger Things S4-2 POP Henry 001 Vinyl Figure. This collectible figure features Henry, a character from the hit TV series "Stranger Things." Standing at approximately 3.75 inches tall, this figure showcases Henry in all his detail, from his signature outfit to his determined expression. With its meticulous attention to detail this vinyl figure is a must-have for fans of the show and Funko collectors who want to add a piece of the "Stranger Things" universe to their collection.

The Funko Henry Vinyl Figure not only celebrates the beloved series but also captures the essence of the character, making it a great conversation starter and a standout piece in your Funko POP collection. Whether you're a dedicated "Stranger Things" fan or simply appreciate high-quality collectibles, this figure allows you to display a piece of the show's intrigue and supernatural charm. Add Henry to your collection and let the mysteries of Hawkins come to life on your shelf.