Funko The Office POP Pez Dwight Schrute As Elf Candy Dispenser



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The Funko The Office POP Pez Dwight Schrute as Elf Candy Dispenser is a charming and comical collectible that pays homage to one of the most memorable moments from the hit TV series, "The Office." This candy dispenser features the character Dwight Schrute dressed as an Elf, reflecting his eccentric and often hilarious personality from the show. The attention to detail is exceptional, with Dwight's Elf outfit faithfully recreated, including the pointy hat, elf shoes, and even his unmistakable glasses. Beyond being a delightful display piece for your collection, this collectible also functions as a candy dispenser, adding a fun and functional element to your desk, office, or home.

Funko's POP Pez line combines the iconic Funko POP! style with the beloved Pez candy dispensers, resulting in a unique and nostalgic collectible that brings a smile to your face. The Dwight Schrute as Elf Candy Dispenser is a must-have for fans of "The Office," as it captures one of the show's funniest and most memorable moments. Whether you're enjoying some Pez candy or proudly showcasing it on your shelf, this Funko collectible is a whimsical and endearing way to celebrate the humor and quirkiness of "The Office" and its unforgettable characters.