Funko The Wire POP James Jimmy McNulty Vinyl Figure



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The "Funko The Wire POP James 'Jimmy' McNulty Vinyl Figure" is a collectible vinyl figure based on the character James McNulty, often referred to as Jimmy McNulty, from the television series "The Wire." Here's a description of this product:

  1. James McNulty Design: This Funko POP figure features a vinyl representation of the character James McNulty, one of the central figures in the acclaimed television series "The Wire." McNulty is known for his complex personality and pivotal role in the series.

  2. Size: Funko POP figures are typically around 3.75 inches in height. This compact size is ideal for collecting and displaying on shelves, desks, or in a display case.

  3. Material: These figures are made of vinyl and are designed with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the distinctive characteristics and appearance of the character they represent.

  4. Collectible: Funko POP figures are highly collectible and sought after by fans of various pop culture franchises. They often become valuable collector's items.

  5. Officially Licensed: Funko's figures are officially licensed products, ensuring that they accurately represent the characters from the source material

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