Funko Tokyo Ghoul S3 POP Owl Vinyl Figure



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  • Mysterious Presence: Enter the shadowy world of Tokyo Ghoul with the Funko Tokyo Ghoul S3 POP Owl Vinyl Figure, capturing the enigmatic Owl in Funko's iconic POP style.

  • Season 3 Enigma: This figure is a tribute to Tokyo Ghoul Season 3, featuring the elusive and mysterious character Owl, known for their covert actions and significant role in the series.

  • Collector's Gem: Enhance your Tokyo Ghoul POP collection with this figure, showcasing Owl's distinctive design and maintaining the air of mystery that surrounds the character.

  • High-Quality Vinyl Construction: Crafted from durable vinyl material, this figure is built to last, ensuring longevity for collectors and Tokyo Ghoul enthusiasts.

  • Perfect for Fans of the Series: Whether you're intrigued by Owl's secretive nature or appreciate the complex narrative of Tokyo Ghoul, this POP figure is a must-have addition to your collection.

  • Compact and Displayable: With its compact size, this figure is perfect for showcasing on shelves, desks, or within display cases, allowing you to bring the mysterious aura of Owl to your collector's space.