Funko X-Men PX POP Comic Cover Beast Set



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Funko X-Men PX POP Comic Cover Beast Set

The Funko X-Men PX POP Comic Cover Beast Set features a stylized Funko POP figure of Beast, a beloved character from the X-Men comics. This particular set showcases Beast in a unique and eye-catching comic cover design, adding a playful twist to the classic character.

Funko POP figures are known for their charmingly exaggerated features and vibrant colors, and this set likely captures Beast in a dynamic and collectible pose. As part of the PX (Previews Exclusive) collection, it might have exclusive elements or details that make it particularly sought after by collectors and fans of the X-Men franchise.

The set might also come with additional features or elements, such as a display stand or packaging that complements the comic book theme. Overall, it's a great addition to any X-Men or Funko POP collection, combining nostalgia with the distinctive Funko style.

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