Futurama Morbo Plush Figure



This is a Morbo plush figure that is produced by Toynami. The Morbo plush is a large plush figure at roughly 12 inches tall. He's very soft and cute! It's Morbo! The human hating, yet lovable television anchor of Entertainment and Earth Invasion Tonite. Simply put, Morbo is hilarious and Futurama fans are used to seeing him chime in on current events with his signature rage and disgust for human beings. 

This Morbo plush figure is a really neat gift for a true Futurama fan, as he's a recurring character that spans many episodes. This Morbo plush figure is very good quality and is certainly what can be considered top-tier for plush figures. 

Recommended Age: 14+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

Dimensions: 12" X 1 Futurama Morbo Plush Figure