Gloom Unwelcome Guests The Card Game Expansion

Atlas Games


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This is the Gloom Unwelcome Guest Expansion Pack for the hilariously fun card game Gloom. In the card game Gloom, your sole purpose is to make your doomed family suffer the greatest amount of trials, tribulations, and tragedies as possible. 

There's nothing quite like the card game Gloom. This is the Unwelcome Guests Expansion Pack and it contains 55 new cards to add to your Gloom gameplay. New Modifiers, Events, and Untimely Deaths - plus a new family. There's also five new character cards called Unwelcome Guests and they can move from family to family during the game. Very cool. 

In the Gloom card game, you make your eccentric family of misfits suffer the greatest 

Remember: this game is not a stand alone game, it requires the original Gloom card game.

Requires 2 to 4 players for Gloom The Card Game

Game Play is around 60 minutes

Recommended Age: 13+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed