Gravitrax Building Expansion Set



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This is a Gravitrax Building Expansion Set that's produced by the good folks over at Ravensburger. They always make the neatest stuff! 

This kit helps extend your run by combining additional base plates and other construction elements with your GraviTTrax Starter-Set. You'll be able to increase the possible combinations and construct even more complex systems. How many detours can you build in before the finish?

This set contains 2 base plates, 1 transport Level, 8 large height tiles, 4 small height tiles, 2 swtiches, 1 3-in-1 block, 1 vortex, 1 finish line, 4 basic tiles, inserts for basic tiles: 2 catchers, 1 freefall, 1 splash, and 1 landing. 

Great for any fans of marbles!   

Please Note: Only playable with Starter-Set

Recommended Age: 8-99

Condition: Brand New