Hape Junior Inventor Optical Science Lab



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The Optical Science Laboratory, like all the products of the Junior Inventor system, is aimed at children aged four and up. The kit of parts and tools allows you to carry out eight experiments to discover the laws of optics. The instructive entertainment begins with the assembling of the instruments and goes on every time you repeat the tests.

The HAPE® Optical Science Lab contains:

•    All the parts necessary to build the support structure;

•    Screws and bolts;

•    Assembly tools;

•    Many optical accessories for new effects to discover;

•    A legend to distinguish pieces and sizes

•    A step-by-step handbook to the 8 experiments.

The HAPE® Optical Science Lab allows you to build many tools and explore the different laws of optics. You can have fun putting together a kaleidoscope, experimenting with the fundamentals of reflection, or discovering the phenomenon of refraction through the darkroom. Enjoy an alternative perception of reality through the periscope, the infinite mirror, the colored lenses, and 3D glasses. Not everything is as it seems, as your child will discover through the marvel of optical illusions.

HAPE® Junior Inventor Magnet Science Lab


The Magnet Science Lab offers many experiments to discover the phenomena of magnetism, from attraction to repulsion. Through a series of easy-to-do experiments with magnets, children will intuitively learn how equal poles repel each other while opposites attract. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, the Magnet Science Lab offers many games with which to entertain children and amaze their little friends.

The levitation, the rotation of the planets, and the other phenomena of magnetism will entertain them as if they were magic. While the older ones get acquainted with the laws of attraction and repulsion, the little ones can enjoy the game of magnetic fishing. There are at least 7 possible games, but the imagination and the combination with other sets from the HAPE® Junior Inventor system allow for endless possibilities.

Why settle for simple toys when you can opt for workshops dedicated to budding inventors? Ideal for the first approach to science, the Junior Inventor laboratories offer a concrete perspective on the phenomena of physics and engineering. Experiment in complete safety and download the app: your children will be able to interact with the community and make many new friends who share the same interests.

Compatible with the other toys from the system, the Magnet Lab and the Optical Lab stimulate the desire to create, learn, and imagine in children and adults.

Have fun with all the “magical” optical and magnetic effects. Don’t forget to download the free app, where you will find instructions for all the Junior Inventor sets. Your kids are welcome to join our community of little inventors and share with us all their more or less successful experiments!