Hog Wild Ogodisk XS Disc Set



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The OgoSport OgoDisk XS Game Set offers unlimited fun and excitement by combining all of your favorite outdoor games into one! The toy set features two 12" bouncy mesh trampoline-style discs and 2 OgoSoft balls. Kids and adults can either throw the discs or hit the balls back and forth. Ogodisk can be played indoors, outdoors and even in the pool! Many activities and games in one! Ogodisc can be played outside on the lawn, at the beach, at backyard parties, in the pool and more!

Perfect for playing disc golf, catch, volleyball or badminton! Fun for the whole family! The smaller 12 inch target and thin handle make the disks comfortable to hold for kids and adults ages 8 and up! Plus the soft stringy balls are safe and fun to play with! Makes a great gift! The set includes one blue and one green disk and 2 OgoSoft rubber pom balls that are safe for indoor or outdoor use. Each disk measures 12 inches.

A great gift for anyone!