Kick-Ass The Board Game



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This is Kick-Ass The Board Game produced by the good people over at Asmodee.

Kick-Ass is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. Each player takes on teh role of a hero and they must work together to defeat the boss of an evil organization, all while balancing their heroic activities with their normal, everyday life. 

Every round, new Events are revealed, interrupting the Heroes' daily routines. The Heroes must complete at least 3 Events if they want to reveal thee Boss' Final Plot! Then, it's up to them to prevent the Villain from fulfilling their Evil Plan!

Includes 45 Miniatures, 1 Map Board, 7 Hero Dashboards, 17 Dice, 1 Final Plot Track, 2 Incoming Tracks, 245 Cards, 132 Tokens, 27 Counter Bases, 1 Rulebook

A great game for competitive play!

Game Time: 60-90 minutes

Players: 1-4

Recommended Age: 18+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed