The Land Down Under Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd

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The Land Down Under Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd is a stunning collection of intricately detailed and beautifully crafted miniature Australian animals. This Toob Mini Figures set features a range of diverse and iconic Australian wildlife, including kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and echidnas, showcasing the unique natural beauty of the Australian landscape.

The Kangaroo is the largest member of the Marsupial family and is renowned for its powerful hop, making it a symbol of strength and agility. The Koala, on the other hand, is a prime representative of the Australian marsupials and known for its adorable and cuddly appearance. The Wombat, with its distinctive snout and burrowing ability, is a fascinating creature native to Australia. The Echidna is a spiny anteater, another iconic Australian animal, and one of the few mammals able to lay eggs.

Each figure in the Land Down Under Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd set is hand-painted and accurately recreated to depict the authenticity and individual characteristics of the animals. Measuring between 1.25 and 2 inches, they are perfectly sized for imaginative play, making them a great addition to any toy collection.

Designed with both educational and recreational purposes in mind, this Toob Mini Figures pack offers younger children the opportunity to explore the world of Australian fauna and learn about the unique features and habitats of these fascinating animals. The figures can also be used for educational purposes, including teaching classification, geography, and animal behavior.

The Land Down Under Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd set is made from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring long-term enjoyment and use. It is the perfect gift for any young animal lover or budding wildlife enthusiast, for someone who loves to collect miniature animal figurines, or for those seeking to enhance their knowledge about Australia’s native fauna. It is a reasonable price point and perfect for nature walks or outdoor learning.

Recommended Age: 3+

Dimensions:   2.03" x 2.03" x 12.87"