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The Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant Figures by Safari Ltd is a set of beautifully crafted and detailed replicas that depict the various stages of the growth of a green bean plant. This set includes 4 figures, each representing a different stage in the life cycle of a green bean plant and is perfect for educational purposes or as a decorative item for your home or classroom.

The set begins with the first figure, a seed. The seed is a miniature model of a green bean seed, complete with the characteristic oval shape and tan color. Once planted, the seed begins to grow and sprout, which is represented in the set through a tiny green sprout figure.

As the plant continues to grow, it develops leaves that are beautifully represented in this set by the next figure.The final two figures show the flowering and fruiting stage of a green bean plant. The flowering stage is represented by a delicate flower figure with intricate design and coloration. The fruiting stage is shown through a model of a green bean pod, with rich detail and color that show the pod in full maturity.

Whether you are looking to teach children about plant life cycles or are simply looking for an attractive decorative item, the Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant Figures set by Safari Ltd is a highly recommended choice. The high-quality production ensures longevity, and the attention to detail in each figure adds both beauty and educational value to any setting.

Recommended Age: 5+