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The Life Cycle of a Green Sea Turtle by Safari Ltd is the perfect tool for young learners to get a glimpse into the fascinating world of sea turtles. Uniquely designed to foster curiosity and creativity, this educational toy provides an engaging and interactive experience that takes children on a journey from birth to maturity.

The set includes a life-like replica of a green sea turtle, complete with exquisite detailing and realistic coloring, showing the creature at various stages of its life cycle. The set also comes with an illustrated booklet that explains the biology and behavior of these magnificent creatures, providing insights into the amazing journey that these turtles undertake from hatching to adulthood.

Children will get to learn about the different behaviors of sea turtles, from the rather risky journey they undertake from the beach to the ocean, to how they migrate thousands of miles to lay their eggs. The set also provides an opportunity for children to understand the impact of human activities like pollution and global warming on the ocean ecosystems and how it affects the sea turtle populations.

The Life Cycle of a Green Sea Turtle fosters hands-on learning, imagination, and creativity and encourages children’s curiosity when it comes to the wonders of the natural world. With this toy set, children have the opportunity to learn more about a unique and exciting creature that they may have never had a chance to encounter in person, opening up possibilities for deeper appreciation and understanding of our planet’s different ecosystems.

Whether a child is a budding marine biologist or just loves all things nature, The Life Cycle of a Green Sea Turtle by Safari Ltd is an amazing educational toy that presents a fun-filled learning experience for children from a young age. The set makes an incredible addition to classrooms, science centers, and home marine life collections, providing endless opportunities for discovery and exploration.

Recommended Age: 5+

Dimensions:   8.97" x 7.02" x 0.98"