Liontouch King Maker Kings Sword Green

Melissa and Doug


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  • Command the realm with the Liontouch King Maker King's Sword in majestic green, the ultimate accessory for noble kings and valiant rulers.
  • Crafted from durable EVA foam, this sword ensures both safety and durability, allowing for countless hours of immersive play without compromise.
  • Inspired by the grandeur and authority of kings, the King Maker King's Sword features intricate detailing and a striking green hue, empowering young minds to lead their kingdom with strength and honor.
  • Whether defending the realm from mythical beasts or embarking on epic quests, this sword adds an extra layer of excitement to imaginative play, costume parties, or themed events.
  • With its lightweight design and comfortable grip, children can wield the King Maker King's Sword with confidence as they showcase their royal prowess and uphold justice throughout the land.
  • Pair it with other Liontouch royal accessories such as crowns, scepters, and capes to complete a majestic ensemble fit for a king and rule over the realm of make-believe with dignity and courage.