Liontouch Kingmaker King Cape Green

Melissa and Doug


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  • Command respect and rule with regal authority wearing the Liontouch Kingmaker King Cape in majestic green, a symbol of noble leadership and valor.
  • Made from premium fabric, this cape combines durability with comfort, allowing young monarchs to exude confidence while leading their kingdom.
  • Inspired by the majesty of medieval kings, the Kingmaker King Cape features intricate detailing and a rich green hue, embodying the power and prestige of royal lineage.
  • Whether presiding over royal courts or leading armies into battle, this cape adds an extra layer of authenticity to imaginative play, costume parties, or historical reenactments.
  • With its adjustable Velcro closure and flowing design, the Kingmaker King Cape offers a customizable fit, empowering children to command attention with grace and dignity.
  • Pair it with other Liontouch royal accessories such as crowns, scepters, and swords to complete a majestic ensemble fit for a king and reign over the realm with honor and strength.