Loungefly Disney Minnie And Mickey Date Night Juke Box 3 Inch Enamel Pin



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  1. Design Theme:

    • The pin is designed around a "Date Night" theme, suggesting a romantic or special occasion between Minnie and Mickey Mouse. The imagery may include elements related to a jukebox, adding a nostalgic touch.
  2. Enamel Pin:

    • As an enamel pin, it is made from enamel and metal. Enamel allows for intricate and vibrant designs, while the metal base provides durability. Collectors often attach these pins to clothing, bags, or display them on pin boards.
  3. Size:

    • This pin is specifically mentioned as a 3-inch enamel pin. The larger size allows for more detailed artwork and makes it a statement piece among pin collections.
  4. Minnie and Mickey Mouse:

    • The pin prominently features Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, two of Disney's most iconic and beloved characters. The design may showcase them in a romantic or playful pose, fitting the "Date Night" theme.